lecollectif, the SFU Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs and the Francophone Arts Council of BC are happy to present the Arts show ESSENTIEL, as part of Printemps de la francophonie 2021 (Francophonie’s Spring 2021).

MARCH 26, 27, AND 28 – 12PM TO 6PM – STUDIO 17 (2425 MANITOBA ST., VAN)

If the pandemic, the lockdown, the social, political and economical crisis we have lived through since the spring of 2020 have affected people all over the world, they have had diverse and contradictory effects on visual artists’ work. Beside the numerous cancellation of projects and exhibitions, some visual artists found themselves lacking motivation and inspiration, while others took advantage of this time, when the world was on pause, to create works that were responding to these crises. Some were lacking freedom of mind and concentration necessary to create, while others felt the necessity to express themselves, to reach out and connect through their work. In the end, we learned that arts and culture are essential to everybody’s mental health.

To calm their anxiety linked to income loss, cancellation of projects, risk of catching the virus, insecurity, lack of perspective and social interactions, isolation etc., to act when everything seemed impossible, to maintain a feeling of belonging, to express how they felt through those crisis, to oppose the social and environmental injustices, to reflect on the place of arts and culture in the society, to imagine how the world could be after the crisis, to reinvent themselves, some visual artists have created works relevant to these times and concerns. Eight visual artists, members of lecollectif, are showing them in ESSENTIEL.


Sanitary measures are in place. Mask is mandatory during your viewing. Hand sanitizer will be available. Only 5 guests at a time in the gallery.